This is a cot blanket.


It didn’t start off as a cot blanket. I had thought of making another cushion, but after I saw the colours which put me off, and I had already done a large throw.

I decided if I added two more strips it would be wide enough to fit a baby’s cot, so that’s what I did. Hopefully it will be used in the not so distant future and the mother will like the colours. Modern mothers have different tastes in colours. It’s not as it used to be.


Here is a picture in Acrylic.


I’m pleased with this one. The water was difficult to paint to make it appear to be flowing with sparkling white as the light catches certain parts.

I hope you like it too.

I prefer watercolour as that was the medium I started with in the beginning, but I’m warming to acrylic as it has more depth of colour.

Painting is also one of my hobbies.

dec.17 006

I must apologise for the camera angle. It kept giving me an upside down picture because I was trying to photograph it from the ground. It’s lying on flagstones outside as my camera won’t take pictures inside my house. Don’t ask me why.

However, it gives you the brilliant colour of the dahlias. It was painted in watercolour which is my favourite medium. I also paint in acrylic. Maybe next time I can look out one and you can compare the two ways of painting, although because it will be by the same person there will be similarities.

What an amazing piece of work.

crochet throw 002.JPG

This is 441 small granny squares. It is the same idea as the cushion. Nine blocks were made and sewn together to make 52cm x 52cm square. It took me one week to make a block, so this is nine weeks work. I thought I’d never finish it, but if you are determined enough, it can happen.

It can be a throw, a blanket or something to keep you warm in winter. Also a nice present to give to someone who likes retro or vintage.

This time it is small granny squares.


What a surprise!

Using two colours, crocheting them into a small granny square and making strips of seven squares. Then sewing all the strips together to make one side of 49 squares to make a front of a cushion. Doing the same all over again, I made the back of the cushion.

To join the two sides, I did a double crochet stitch. You could do a broader and fanciful border, but I didn’t think it needed it.

Leaving a seam open to put stuffing in, I then stuffed it with the contents from a pillow which was enclosed in a pillowcase. I finally sewed up the seam to finish the cushion.

This pattern was taken from STYLECRAFT 9255 crochet blanket and cushion cover.

(I re-arranged colours and chose wool to suit my requirements, but I would not have been able to come up with the idea without this pattern.)



Here I am again.


This is my first try at Granny Squares. I started making alternate colours and ended up with six squares which I joined up to see what it looked like. I was pleased with the outcome and decided to crochet more. It became addictive and anytime I had while watching television, I picked up my crochet pin and wool and did more.

I decided it was going to be a Throw which I could lay over a single bed or lie at the bottom of a double one as a decoration. It might even come in handy to lay over my shoulders if the weather is cold.

I was enthralled when I finished it. In total I had done 60 squares.


I’ve continued with Patchwork, choosing the pieces that would complement each other. Before I finished making the cushion, I took out all the paper templates to see what would happen and I was pleased with the effect.


I like Patchwork

I guess patchwork is not everyone’s favourite pastime. I got into it because of left-over remnants from dress-making. Nowadays you can buy cotton squares in bundles of six materials and that could excite you to try. Of course it would help if you went online or found a book about Patchwork, to see how easy it would be. It’s another activity to try and a cushion can make your home attractive or be a present for a friend or to give to a charity shop.

Mainly it’s a past-time to be enjoyed especially if you are in a group, although that doesn’t have to be the case. You can be at home filling in moments, passing the time and have something pretty at the end of the task.


This was a new activity.



I was looking for something different from what I was doing and I came across a ‘Patchwork’ book on my book shelves.

It seemed to satisfy my inclination to make something that would pass my time creatively.

I chose remnants from my bag of left-over material from my dress-making of yesteryears.

I chose ‘Tumbling Blocks’ for my first experience and I was pleased with the effect and chose them for my round cushion that you see above.